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Fresh Start

We all need a fresh start sometimes. This world is a hard place, and life is tough, at times. So it's a good idea to step back, look at things, and say "Well, that wasn't working, it's time to try something else." That's what we're doing at CU, we realize that "church as usual" doesn't get it for us. So we're making a Fresh Start. We've decided we're not going to spend our time judging each other (that's God's job anyway, not ours). We don't worry about what you wear to church (God is really looking at your heart, not your clothes). We're not getting caught up in religion (it's about a relationship with God, not a religion). And the thing that makes life worth living is the Life that Jesus offers us (It's just about Jesus).
So if you're tired of what hasn't worked for you in your life, and are ready to see what Life God is offering, come and join us this Sunday at 10:30.
We can tell you this about the Life that God's a wild ride!